IEEExtreme 10.0

The IEEE Student Branch of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki joyfully invites students and doctoral candidates in the 10th consecutive IEEEXtreme programming contest, organized by the IEEE.
For those who do not know what the IEEEXtreme is, it is the largest student programming contest, in which students compete for 24 hours straight in order to solve a set of programming and algorithmic problems of escalating difficulty.

Participants can form groups of up to 3 people and can solve this year’s problems using C, C ++, C #, Java, Java 8, Python, Python 3, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and others.
Registrations have started and will be open until Friday 14 October 2016 00.00 UTC (03:00 Greek time). The contest will begin on October 22, 2016, at 00.00 UTC (03:00 Greek time) and will last 24 hours.

Conditions for participation:
• All competitors of a group must be IEEE Student or Graduate Student Members. The groups consist exclusively of Student Members may be made up to 3 people, while the respective groups of Graduate Student Members to 2. Registration is free.
• Each group is assigned a supervising professor. To complete your registration in time, you have a member of each group to send mail to to take the supervisor ID, which will be used during the registration process. In the mail should bear the names of all team members, the IEEE Membership ID, and the group name.
• Enrollment in site registration is per team and not per person!
In the following link, you can find Frequently Asked Questions and whatever else you need to know about the competition. index.html
If however you still have questions or difficulties in registering, please contact us at

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