On behalf of the Electronics Laboratories of the Physics Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering of AUTH, with the support of Circuits and Systems Society (IEEE CASS) – Greek Section – Region 8, AUTH proudly presents the Wireless Sensor Networks School.

Wise School

The wireless sensor network consists of sensor nodes where each node is used to monitor physical conditions and transfer data through the network. Such networks are nowadays used in many industrial and consumer applications and they are also a key part of the Internet of Things.

The WiSe School will cover basic and advanced issues on the design of wireless sensor networks as well as measurement automation software usage. The topics that will be demonstrated are Sensors and Transducers, Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuit Design, Design of Wireless Communication Unit, Introduction to WSN Protocols, Energy Harvesting and Measurements (NI LabVIEW)*.

School participants will gain fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and also a wide perspective on the above focus areas. Meeting people, innovating in Academia and Industry, is a non-negligible benefit as well. Finally, WiSe School is offering its students the unique opportunity to get informed about fascinating career prospects.

The WiSe School will be hosted in Aristotle University’s Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA) in Hall III and LabVIEW will be taught in the Electrical Engineering Department of Polytechnic School located at 50 meters from KEDEA venue. The event will take place on December 15th to December 18th 2016 and there will be registration fees for the participants that can be paid online here once the registration form is completed.

You can also check the Poster!Schedule Day 3

We hope you will enjoy the event as much as we have enjoyed setting this up!

The Hosts,

S. Siskos, Professor at Physics Department of AUTH

A. Hatzopoulos, Professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of AUTH


Shaping the #IEEExp!

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