IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members—advised and proctored by an IEEE member, and often supported by an IEEE Student Branch—compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

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IEEEXtreme 11.0 will be held on 14 October 2017.

Registrations are currently OPEN.

Please use the following link for registering:

The last date to register for IEEEXtreme is 4th October 2017.


IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of student members, supported by an IEEE Student Branch, advised and proctored by an IEEE Member, compete in a 24-hour time span, starting on October 14, 2017 at 00:00 UTC and ending at 23:59 UTC, against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

The competition was created to:

Provide IEEE Student Members with a new and interesting activity
Give IEEE Student Members a challenge to embrace teamwork – an important skill to develop for career success
Increase the number of IEEE Student activities with a focus on the computer, programming and information
technology fields
Other benefits include providing Student Branches with ways to get IEEE Student Members involved in local activity in a fun and engaging way.


The IEEEXtreme Programming Competition is hosted by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, 08854 (“Sponsor” or “IEEE”). It is organized and managed by the Student Activities Committee under the Member and Geographic Activities business unit of IEEE.


Participants must compete as part of a team. Teams are comprised of up to 3 IEEE student or graduate student members, but can only include a maximum of 2 graduate student members per team. All team members must be IEEE student or graduate student members to register and compete in the competition. IEEE Membership numbers are required during the registration process. All team members must be over the age of 18. Universities and Colleges can have multiple teams.

Each team must have a proctor who will supervise during the 24-hour programming competition and each team is responsible for locating one or more eligible Proctors (see below) prior to registration.

Team members must solve and complete the problems without assistance from other people or prewritten code. Please note that the intent and spirit of the competition is for the students, not others, to solve a problem. Persons acting as Proctors must limit the level of support and must not contribute in any other form that might be considered original authorship, or in any way that may enable claims of rights or ownership to the submitted entries. In no case will work-on-behalf of teams or individuals be allowed. Sponsor reserves the right to analyze all submissions for plagiarism and disqualify or deduct points from any team in its sole discretion if the team’s work is not its own.

Void where prohibited by Law. Entrants understand that Sponsor may substitute or withhold prizes as required by law.

Stathis Dimitriadis

Studying Computer Engineering at ECE, AUTH. Technical Activities Coordinator at IEEE AUTH SB, ex-Web Developer at TEDxUniversityofMacedonia.

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