The IEEE Aristotle University of Thessaloniki invites you to the 2-day hands-on workshop “Game Development with Unity 3D : From Zero To Hero”, on Friday 9th of March at 19:00 and Saturday 10th of March at 12:00, in the General Assembly Hall of the Engineering Faculty in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

During the workshop there will be a detailed analysis of the game engine Unity 3D, where we are going to create to full games. The first day, after the description on the game engine Unity 3D, we will develop the 3D game called “Rolling Stone”. During the secoond day, we will develop the 2D game called “Space invaders”.

The workshop will be hands-on, so the participants are called to come with their own laptops, as well as a mouse. You will need to have the game engine Unity 3D already installed in your computer.

After the complete attendance of both days, Certificates of Attendance will be given.

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Stathis Dimitriadis

Studying Computer Engineering at ECE, AUTH. Technical Activities Coordinator at IEEE AUTH SB, ex-Web Developer at TEDxUniversityofMacedonia.

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