Few words about our trip in France..,


The arrangement of our trip was much more elaborate than the majority of our acts, yet we proceeded to carry it out effectively as we have so far, since the idea for this event was born several years ago when we first visited CERN in Switzerland. The organizational process was divided into two main parts: the first included the participants’ selection, the accommodation, the means of transport while the second involved  the organization of our visits to universities, institutions and companies.

The procedure was launched during December 2018. An organizing committee that consisted of four members, two main organizers and two supporting members, was assigned with the task of organizing the entire trip. The Former President of the IEEE Greece CASS/ SSC Jt. Chapter, Mr. Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos, was willing to accompany us to our future trip and assist us in selecting our potential destinations as he had done before.                                  

During the next month students from Thessaloniki were invited to apply for the upcoming trip. The IEEE members were prioritized to be selected. Afterwards, we contacted a local Travel Agent who booked flights and accommodation,  while students planed the transportation means we would be using using the public transportation services in France.

At the same time,  Mr. Hatzopoulos recommended us his acquaintances in our visiting sights and we proceeded to contact them and arrange our schedule.The exact dates of our trip were determined considering the availability of our hosts. We programmed visits in INSA and LAAS in Toulouse and INP, TIMA, CEA LETI, ECRF, ST Microelectronics in Grenoble. In Toulouse we visited the local IEEE SB in ISAE-SUPAERO.


A few weeks before the trip, we hosted a small fest and invited all the participants so we could be introduced to each other.


We strongly believe that this trip had a successful outcome.Our hosts were very courteous and our visits in different universities and institutions were rewarding. Visiting ISAE-SUPAERO IEEE SB was unforgettable. We spent our free  time in the evenings wandering around both cities and visiting local restaurants, bars, going sightseeing and making fond memories as a team.


Dimitra Kyrgiafini

Studying Computer Engineering at ECE, AUTH

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